Boost Media Exposure With Well-Written Press Releases

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Did you know that the U.S. publishes up to 1,000 online press releases per day, and it can cost $250-$1,000 to circulate a single press release? Press releases often come with the promise of media exposure, brand recognition, and increased customer loyalty. There is, however, a distinctly incorrect way to write and distribute press releases. What constitutes a well-written press release, and what are some of the best ways to distribute them?

What Are Some of the Basics of Writing Press Releases?

News release writing entails strict formatting, and often requires a very clear line of focus. Forbes reminds companies, “Press releases are press releases – news announcements meant to disseminate news to (and through) the press and to be discoverable by people looking for information abou

Subtleties of a Good Press Release

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The whole point of a press release is to promote something. Everyone knows that when they read a release, they are going to find out about a new service, a new product, or a special event that that particular company is offering. Press releases are almost as old as newspapers themselves. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be well-written.

The “pyramid” style of organization can be especially effective when writing a release. This means that the most important information is placed right at the beginning of the article, with progressively less important info provided in subsequent paragraphs. This originally made it much easier for editors to trim a piece if space required it (they just started cutting from the end, knowing the key points were handled in the first ‘graph), but it also serves as

The Dos and Don’ts of Press Releases

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Unless you went to school for journalism, or learned from an old pro who learned from an old pro who learned from an old pro, there is a good chance that you have no clue how to write news press releases. And writing news press releases is important because they are what you send to news release services, that then disseminate the releases to various other news organizations. A press release is how you get the word out about the breaking news that you want known. News organizations large and small rely heavily on press releases for their content.

But the process of writing news press releases is surprisingly complex. While you will not gain years of press release writing experience by reading on, you will at least get some helpful hints and tips for the next time you need to write one.

1. Do


Why Wait for the Evening News When You Can Go Straight to the Sources for Your News?

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You have a few different options when it comes to receiving your news. You can go to the big names, either cable or local, and trust what they tell you. You can go to the smaller names, not for profit organizations, to get what they have. You can go to the news wire services that are private or public corporations. Or, finally, you can look to the non profit, free news release services for their press releases.

The big names in news are all corporations in it for the money. What it boils down to, for them, is not imparting the news, but making a profit. If that means skewing news in a biased and filtered manner in order to cater to the minds of those who will help to make them money, then so be it. For them, it is okay for news to suffer as long as it earns them a buck.

For the public news organizatio

Use Press Releases to Learn About Exciting New Products

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Over the past few years, Apple has seen a ton of growth and has sold millions of products to consumers all over the world. In order to properly announce them, and make sure that potential buyers new when items would be released, Apple published lots of press releases. An Apple press release 2012 saw might have included information about a new MacBook, iPod, iPad, iPhone, or a number of other things. But no matter what they might have been about, Apple news releases help consumers stay informed and know exactly when the newest products are going to be available.

The products that are discussed in virtually every Apple press release 2012 featured were almost all popular and flew off of shelves. Their popularity meant that they were not always available in stores, so many people resorted to stealing the items that they

Technology and the Press

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When a company or a public figure has something news worthy to report, they usually issue a press release. Press releases can be written or recorded and are communicated to the news media. The members of the media will then get the information out to the public as they see fit.

Press releases are used often by companies that are launching new products. For example, apple news releases and microsoft press releases usually capture the attention of computer and software enthusiasts. Because they manufacture some of the most popular electronic products, and also because the companies are often key players in business and finance news, apple and microsoft press releases are fairly frequent.

When a politician decides to run for a higher office, there is a press release. If a major retailer is opening a new store in a new location, a press release is issued. The media is alerted for major sports news, such as trades of big name athletes and the hiring and firing of coaches. Com