Boost Media Exposure With Well-Written Press Releases

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Did you know that the U.S. publishes up to 1,000 online press releases per day, and it can cost $250-$1,000 to circulate a single press release? Press releases often come with the promise of media exposure, brand recognition, and increased customer loyalty. There is, however, a distinctly incorrect way to write and distribute press releases. What constitutes a well-written press release, and what are some of the best ways to distribute them?

What Are Some of the Basics of Writing Press Releases?

News release writing entails strict formatting, and often requires a very clear line of focus. Forbes reminds companies, “Press releases are press releases – news announcements meant to disseminate news to (and through) the press and to be discoverable by people looking for information about a topic or a company.” What are some basics when it comes to press release writing?

Keep it newsworthy. As reiterated by Forbes, companies need to keep press releases strictly about news. Releases should answer direct questions (including who, what, where, and when?). Filler, fluff, and thin content accomplish very little, and can even negatively reflect on a particular company. Companies can be creative and flexible when writing newsworthy releases, however. Some press releases focus on an important figure within the company (commonly referred to as “authority press releases”), and some can revolve around a particular time frame or season. For example, The Wall Street Journal published a seasonal release entitled, “Back-to-School Means Back-to-Sleep: Mattress Firm Provides Tips for Creating a Comfortable Sleep Environment; Getting Kids Back to a Healthy Sleep Routine.”

Where Should Companies Distribute News Releases?

With some effort, disseminating press releases can be extremely cost effective. PR news can be distributing on free or low cost press release sites. These web pages typically garner a lot of traffic and attention, and can even further push new releases using built-in social media tools (such as social media buttons). Some sites may even post news release samples and guidelines to help steer companies in the right direction.

Press releases require new information and answer straightforward event or news-based questions. Distributing well-written press releases (companies can refer to news release samples when necessary) on low cost press release sites grants companies media exposure, coverage, and often customer loyalty.

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