Why Wait for the Evening News When You Can Go Straight to the Sources for Your News?

News release services

You have a few different options when it comes to receiving your news. You can go to the big names, either cable or local, and trust what they tell you. You can go to the smaller names, not for profit organizations, to get what they have. You can go to the news wire services that are private or public corporations. Or, finally, you can look to the non profit, free news release services for their press releases.

The big names in news are all corporations in it for the money. What it boils down to, for them, is not imparting the news, but making a profit. If that means skewing news in a biased and filtered manner in order to cater to the minds of those who will help to make them money, then so be it. For them, it is okay for news to suffer as long as it earns them a buck.

For the public news organizations, most of which are non profit, the same thing can be the case. Though they are considered not for profit, they still need money to run. For that reason they will subtley skew their news to play to the agenda of getting a different audience to donate. The big names and the public names play to two opposite ends of the spectrum, but they still rely on those viewers for their income to keep the stations going and pay their salaries.

For the news release services that are corporations, they too are concerned about turning a profit. Even though they provide news in a different way, often with no direct line to the viewer, their ultimate goal is to earn money.

That is why I go to, and trust explicitly, the not for profit, big news services. The one that always comes to mind is the Associated Press. They have been around since 1846, work with volunteers and regular reporters alike, and have perfected the non profit news organization.

Instead of relying on other news organizations to take the AP press releases and write them with their own voices, I will look for the AP press release itself. There is no fluff, no filler, just cold hard fact that gives me all that I need to know, and allows me to form my own opinions.

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