Technology and the Press

When a company or a public figure has something news worthy to report, they usually issue a press release. Press releases can be written or recorded and are communicated to the news media. The members of the media will then get the information out to the public as they see fit.

Press releases are used often by companies that are launching new products. For example, apple news releases and microsoft press releases usually capture the attention of computer and software enthusiasts. Because they manufacture some of the most popular electronic products, and also because the companies are often key players in business and finance news, apple and microsoft press releases are fairly frequent.

When a politician decides to run for a higher office, there is a press release. If a major retailer is opening a new store in a new location, a press release is issued. The media is alerted for major sports news, such as trades of big name athletes and the hiring and firing of coaches. Companies and individuals who have information that they would like to convey to the general public are welcome to create a press release.

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