We Interview Christina L Veschi, VP of Business Operations with EdgeAccess, Inc

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Edge Access, Inc. is a company that provides tactical communications for homeland security and first responders, and a complete line of video visitation solutions for corrections facilities. We were curious to learn how EdgeAccess found its niche and sought out Christina L. Veschi, VP of Business Operations at EdgeAcess, Inc., to find out. During the interview, Ms. Veschi explained how working with First Responders has prompted the company to adapt its business plan and expand its services.

How was it that you found your niche?

Christina L. Veschi: Working with First Responders provided insight into the struggles with traditional as well as first-to-market video visitation. Adding video was an obvious solution and natural progression for Edge Access’ Voice Wise Server Series product suite.

Did you have a business plan when you started? If so, have you followed it, or have you have to change it over time?

Christina L. Veschi: We had a five year business plan; but, these days the industry evolves as quickly as technology. Success includes adapting to meet the needs. We have a new business plan.

Running a business can be very difficult sometimes. Has there ever been a time when you wanted to give up?

Christina L. Veschi: Never! It is not in our nature. We will evolve, even adapt on our own terms, but never give up!

What is your management style?

Christina L. Veschi: Active and directive. Lead by example, ahora!

EdgeAccess, Inc. is based out of Odessa, FL, and has providing state of the art video monitoring and visitation to its customers for over eleven years. Those who are interested in enlisting EdgeAccess’ services or want to know more are welcome to visit the official company website at www.edgeaccess.net References.

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