Insurance Fishing Offers Consumer Tips for How to Find Affordable Insurance Quotes Online

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How much insurance do i need for my house

St. Louis, MO – January 29, 2014 – Insurance Fishing, a leading online resource for those looking to find the best rates for local auto, rental and homeowners insurance, is excited to announce the benefits of shopping for insurance rates on the web. The website, which only launched a year ago, believes that offering these important tips can help anyone see the value of simplifying the entire process of looking for insurance rates, which can often be long and difficult on its own.
For starters, Insurance Fishing points out that using a web-based platform to find affordable quotes is efficient for those looking to find agreeable plans but who have to endure busy schedules. With a full-time job or a week cramped with classroom studies, it’s nearly impossible to find time to physically visit an insurance company’s office. That’s why Insurance Fishing offers entirely web-based service, helping connect you to a live insurance agent in your area with just the click of a mouse.
Even if you can get away from work or school and pencil in some time to head over to an insurance office, how long do you really have? Time slots for in-person meetings with agents tend to get filled up quickly, meaning you could be spending a majority of your time in the waiting room instead of the actual office. Insurance Fishing eliminates these kinds of unnecessary wait times, bypassing them entirely in exchange for more web-based direct access to insurance agents near you.
Of course, there’s always the over-the-phone approach. You could call a company, wait to be connected with an agent, then sit on the line and wait for him or her to tell you about some kind of plan you might not necessarily be interesting in purchasing. If you want to hear about more than one option, you may even be met with disdain from the agent who’s likely looking to get you off the line as soon as possible. With Insurance Fishing, however, there’s no rush and no speeding through a plan you’re not comfortable with. That’s the benefits of finding the right insurance all online.
Insurance Fishing services customers in the St. Louis, Kansas City, Orlando, New Orleans and Tulsa areas. For more information, visit the company online at or call (855)534-1811.


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Sharp Packaging Solutions Announces Upcoming Joint Venture

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Stability studies

own, PA – October 30, 2013 – Sharp Packaging Solutions has been providing its clients with packaging solutions for seven years and is pleased to announce plans for a new venture in which Sharp will partner with a long-time client.

Sharp and its partnering company will work together on packaging thin film materials, and though the customer has not yet been named, details about the team’s plans are available. The partner will invest $1 million into the venture for three years and provide a machine to cut thin film products to a specific size and shape before sandwiching them between foil material for an air-tight seal. It is expected that by the end of the third year, the machine will have produced around 20 million units a year.

Currently Sharp Packaging Solutions and its client partner are waiting on legal and supply agreements for review in order to determine liabilities and commitments and are also waiting to approve a capital appropriation request document which will outline background, business case, the amount requested, and ROI calculations. At this time, Sharp Packaging is planning to close the deal within 30 days.

As a result of this venture, Sharp Packaging Solutions is expecting to expand its offerings, increasing both the amount and quality of services available to its customers. Coming around the same time as a new serialization initiative and the launch of Sharp Packaging’s new website, this major update is part of a major leap forward for the company.

Sharp Packaging Solutions is located at 7451 Keebler Way in Allentown, PA. To learn more about Sharp Packaging Solutions and its new business venture, visit


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Reid Supply Company Adds New Products to Its Extensive Inventory

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Coupling nuts

Reid Supply Company Adds New Products to Its Extensive Inventory

Distributor of industrial products touts new selection of Control, Lobed, Round, Wing and T-Handle Knobs

Muskegon, MI – October 5, 2013 – After more than 50 years in business, Reid Supply Company, a distributor of industrial products, is proud announce the addition of more great products to its inventory. The U.S. based company provides a vast stock of knobs, handles, clamps, tooling components, fasteners, leveling pads, and more to manufacturers and machine builders in 60 different countries.

The company anticipates that its customer base will likely be thrilled with the newest additions to the Reid Supply Company catalogue, a line of knobs suitable for a variety of applications. 108 new knobs are now available, representing a number of type subsets. Used to push, pull, loosen, and tighten, the knobs are, as with all Reid Supply products, of the highest caliber.

The web page featuring Reid Supply Company’s new inventory reveals four different categories of knobs: Control Knobs, Lobed Knobs, Round Knobs, and Wing and T-handle Knobs.

Control knobs, most commonly used to adjust and control electronic devices, typically come with pointers to indicate knob position and device setting. Within this category, Reid Supply is now offering triangle pointer, grooved circular, tapered pointer, and dual pointer control knobs.

Lobed knobs have, as their name suggests, lobes spaced in a circular selection. Models are now available from Reid Supply featuring anywhere from three to eight lobes and a variety of materials including stainless steel, glass fiber-reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy, and nylon.

Reid Supply has also added new Round Knobs to its stock, manufactured from stainless steel, thermoplastic, phenolic, and soft-touch thermoplastic. Products in this category include the aluminum knurled knob assembly, studded soft-touch thermoplastic knurled knob, and studded thermoplastic knurled knob.

Finally, Wing and T-handle knobs are now available from Reid Supply. Well known for their gripping quality, they are essential in the simplification of tasks. Wing and T-handle knobs are easily recognizable by their two ‘wings,’ allowing users to turn the knob using only a finger and thumb. New models are available in nylon thermoplastic, phenolic, stainless steel, extruded aluminum, and glass fiber-reinforced plastic.

Details about the new stock can be found at

Reid Supply Company is proud to offer new products to its loyal customers. This new line of knobs will allow Reid Supply to continue its excellent service for customers around the world who are assuredly looking forward to many more product launches from the prestigious Reid Supply Company.

Those who are interested in learning more about Reid Supply Company and its new line of knobs can visit the company online at or call toll free at 800-253-0421. Locals can visit at 2265 Black Creek Road, Muskegon, MI 49444.


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We Interview David Hegenbarth, President of Federal Gear

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Bevel gear manufacturers

David Hegenbarth is the president of Federal Gear, a company that manufactures fully integrated custom gears for the commercial industry. The company’s long history serves as a source of inspiration for Hegenbarth, helping him to overcome the challenges and frustrations of running a business. He explains more in the following interview.

You’ve been in business for 99 years! Your business plan must have changed throughout the years. What changes have you made?

David Hegenbarth: Our business plan, like our company offerings, have changed over time to fit the evolving needs of our clients.

A lot of small business owners feel like giving up from time to time. Your company has a very long history; no doubt, you’ve had challenges over the years. What inspires you to keep going?

David Hegenbarth: Looking to the company’s extensive history and unique place in the Midwest have always been inspiring to overcome challenges.

What is the most rewarding part for you when it comes to running Federal Gear?

David Hegenbarth: Understanding that you’re a part of something bigger and more impactful than yourself.

What has been the most frustrating part for you?

David Hegenbarth: Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re making the right decision for the company, even if you believe it.

Where do you see Federal Gear over the next few years?

David Hegenbarth: I don’t foresee Federal Gear going away anytime soon. We continue to help our old clients and gain new clients in different sectors of the market, and our capacity is only improving.

How do you market a company like Federal Gear?

David Hegenbarth: We use multiple communications channels, but we heavily rely on our reputation as well.

Finally, do you have any employees? If so, what is your management style?

David Hegenbarth: Yes, Federal Gear employs many workers. We hold ourselves to a high standard of perfection, and reward people for their commitment.

For more than 99 years, Federal Gear has been providing its clients with the highest quality manufacturing gear and services. To learn more about this company, visit online at


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Watch Business Plan Videos Before Doing Anything With Your Startup

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Business plan videos

Sometimes, it is better to learn how to do something by watching someone else do it rather than by reading. This occurs with most physical activities and things that are harder to explain in print, but would you ever think that a business plan could be understood better with a video? Well, think again if your answer was no, because there are tons of cool business plan videos that help set you up for the most ideal circumstances for your business.

Why Businesses use Social Networking Sites

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Facebook marketing company

Social networking sites are changing how online business owners approach marketing, especially sites like Facebook. In fact, Facebook is the most popular social networking site used for online marketing by small business owners. Spreading the image and logo of your small business requires effective branding and other marketing techniques. Marketing firms that offer social media marketing services begin improving their client’s image online with branding. After branding, a marketing firm will develop an impressive marketing campaign for their clients. Marketing a business on Facebook requires outsourcing in order to compete on a level playing field in social networking sites. A small business marketing agency provides people the solutions for responding to hundreds or thousands of fans and followers.