2 Reasons SQL Performance may be Reduced

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SQL performance can be a significant concern for some data-intensive industries. For example, the volume of data processed in the healthcare industry is expected to increase at an annual growth rate of over 35% through 2025. A delay of a few seconds per record could result in thousands of hours of wasted time for just a single healthcare data center.

SQL performance, however, can be impacted by a number of latency issues. Here are two examples of SQL performance issues and their solutions.

SQL Server Timeouts

SQL timeouts can come in two different ways.

  1. A communications timeout can occur when communication delays between the SQL server and the querying server or device cause too much time to elapse between the query and the response.
  2. A command timeout can occur when the SQL server cannot find a response to a query before a preset time has elapsed. In other words, the device or server can communicate with the SQL server, but the SQL server itself is “running too slow.”

A command timeout often occurs as a result of fractured and randomized I/O. By the way it handles I/O, SQL servers inherently introduce messy I/O. As a result, SQL servers cannot avoid delays in writing to, and reading from, the SQL database.

V-Locity is designed to clean up this messy I/O. It uses DRAM caching to create continuous reads and writes rather than fragmented reads and writes. The result is that the records are more cleanly stored and, thus, can be more cleanly retrieved.

Fragmented Storage

Because SQL servers have a messy I/O, the SQL databases become fragmented. The fragmented way that SQL servers is not visibly obvious — the records will look fine on the screen. However, delays in retrieving the records from the database will be obvious in the time wasted between queries and responses.

When addressing SQL performance issues, SQL solutions must include defragmenting data storage. Contrary to how you might imagine a hard disc drive, it does not store a record in a continuous read. Rather, the disc tries to maximize efficiency by writing into available fragments using available addresses. However, over time, these fragments accumulate and, eventually, the hard drive spends as much, or more, time hunting down fragments as it does to retrieving data. The result is severe performance issues.

Fragmented storage can be solved in two ways.

  1. Acting proactively. Since fragmentation is a known issue with SQL servers (as well as any personal computer), V-locity’s IntelliWrite® and IntelliMemory® I/O optimization technology can be used from the start to prevent hard disc drives from becoming fragmented.
  2. Defragmenting. Diskeeper® 18 can defragment hard disc drives that have already become fragmented.

Whether your SQL server has already bogged down and is underperforming as a result of messy I/O and fragmented hard disc drives, or you have acquired a new system and want to avoid the inevitable SQL performance issues, software-based SQL solutions are available to optimize the performance of your SQL server.

Insurance Fishing Offers Consumer Tips for How to Find Affordable Insurance Quotes Online

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How much insurance do i need for my house

St. Louis, MO – January 29, 2014 – Insurance Fishing, a leading online resource for those looking to find the best rates for local auto, rental and homeowners insurance, is excited to announce the benefits of shopping for insurance rates on the web. The website, which only launched a year ago, believes that offering these important tips can help anyone see the value of simplifying the entire process of looking for insurance rates, which can often be long and difficult on its own.
For starters, Insurance Fishing points out that using a web-based platform to find affordable quotes is efficient for those looking to find agreeable plans but who have to endure busy schedules. With a full-time job or a week cramped with classroom studies, it’s nearly impossible to find time to physically visit an insurance company’s office. That’s why Insurance Fishing offers entirely web-based service, helping connect you to a live insurance agent in your area with just the click of a mouse.
Even if you can get away from work or school and pencil in some time to head over to an insurance office, how long do you really have? Time slots for in-person meetings with agents tend to get filled up quickly, meaning you could be spending a majority of your time in the waiting room instead of the actual office. Insurance Fishing eliminates these kinds of unnecessary wait times, bypassing them entirely in exchange for more web-based direct access to insurance agents near you.
Of course, there’s always the over-the-phone approach. You could call a company, wait to be connected with an agent, then sit on the line and wait for him or her to tell you about some kind of plan you might not necessarily be interesting in purchasing. If you want to hear about more than one option, you may even be met with disdain from the agent who’s likely looking to get you off the line as soon as possible. With Insurance Fishing, however, there’s no rush and no speeding through a plan you’re not comfortable with. That’s the benefits of finding the right insurance all online.
Insurance Fishing services customers in the St. Louis, Kansas City, Orlando, New Orleans and Tulsa areas. For more information, visit the company online at www.insurancefishing.com or call (855)534-1811.



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The Fountain of Youth Institute Launches a New Premium Skin Care Program for Palm Harbor Patients

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Plastic surgeons in tampa

Palm Harbor, FL– January 2, 2013– The Fountain of Youth Institute in Palm Harbor has launched a premium treatment for facial wrinkles. Named after the Medical Director at the Institute, Dr. Harrell’s Peel is a unique regimen that starts with a pre-conditioning skin treatment, and must be carried out over six weeks through a series of enhancement treatments.

C. Randall Harrell, M.D., Medical Director at the Fountain of Youth Institute, commented on the high efficacy of this product. “We have seen 80 – 90% improvement in wrinkles, acne scars, pores and sun damaged skin. There are so many other options we have from skincare to lasers, but this program works better on aged and scarred skin than anything I have done before, including CO2 laser.”

The Fountain of Youth Institute has worked diligently to refine and improve this product before launch. As a result, the patients can expect dramatic results minus the risks that are commonly associated with laser skin care. One patient was excited to compliment the Institute on Dr. Harrell’s Peel, and called it a “magic wand for wrinkled skin.”

In spite of the busy product launch period, the Fountain of Youth Institute found time to participate in a Dec. 8th wounded warrior softball series for the benefit of wounded veterans. The Tampa Bay Rays, as well as the St. Petersburg fire and police departments, also joined in to support the event. Staff at the Fountain of Youth Institute are proud to support the charitable event and give back after 25 years of support from the community.

The Fountain of Youth Institute is located at 34156 US Hwy 19N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684. For more information, visit www.fountainofyouth.com or call (727) 781-0818.

Company Name: Fountain of Youth Institute
Contact Name: Dave Caban
Phone Number: (727) 781-0818
Email Address: dave@puredigitalmarketing.com
Company Website: www.fountainofyouth.com



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New Six Month Smiles Adult Braces Program Coming From Torrance Dental Arts

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Dental deep cleaning

Torrance, CA – December 14, 2013 – Torrance Dental Arts, a dental practice that has been in business for 17 years, aims to expand its services with the announcement that it will now offer the Six Month Smiles adult braces service for its patients. Six Month Smiles is a special kind of oral health treatment that can, in most cases, help fix overbites and crooked teeth in only half a year. Torrance Dental Arts began treating patients with the Six Month Smiles program in November.

Dr. Steve Sutherland recently completed the necessary training to become the only dentist in Torrance certified to offer the Six Months Smiles treatment option. He says he is proud to be able to offer this outstanding new service to patients who might not be satisfied with their smiles. “We wanted to be able to give our patients alternative options to traditional braces,” he says. “A lot of our adult patients always say they won’t wear braces for one to two years and they wish there was a shorter option for them.”

Patients who opt for Six Month Smiles treatment will benefit from the latest orthodontic treatment techniques as well as the use of clear braces, rather than metal. Sutherland thinks this will be beneficial to patients who are looking for a dental option that better suits their particular lifestyles. “Many adults spend their entire lives covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk,” Sutherland says. “They feel stuck because they do not want to wear adult metal braces for years, or they are too concerned that other corrective teeth-straightening procedures could be too invasive or expensive. Now there is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic braces solution that fits your lifestyle.”

Torrance Dental Arts is located at 23326 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 190, Torrance, CA, 90505. You can reach them by phone at (310)378-8209 or online at www.torrancedentalarts.com.



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BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd. Integrates New Line of Point-of-Sale Hardware

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Credit card virtual terminal

Aurora, ON – December 7, 2013- BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd. is proud to announce that by January of 2014, the company will release a new line of Point-of-Sale Hardware terminals for their merchant services programs. As a provider of payment processing technology and hardware to North America, BNA is confident that the availability of this hardware will be a valuable contribution to the industry.

This past year, BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd. invested a great deal of time in completing certification, and managing the integration of the Ingenico brand of Point-of-Sale hardware into its existing services. Ingenico exceeds technological capabilities as well as security parameters for hardware that is commonly used by the industry today.

Matt Moore, President of BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd., is thrilled to be making this product available to clients. “Not only will merchants be receiving top of the line customer service and support, with a 24/7/365 bilingual helpdesk, but now they can also receive the best Point-of-Sale hardware available,” said Moore.

The Ingenico hardware features a Contactless Card Reader, Mag Stripe reader, Color Display, PCI-compliant and EMV certified security, flexible connectivity options, and receipt printing capabilities. Both restaurants and retail businesses will benefit from this hardware, which has the ability to integrate into a variety of POS systems.

“For the last 12 years, BNA has been exclusive to one hardware provider,” Moore admitted, “And although it has proven to be a very fruitful relationship with a stellar, robust, high performing product, it is very important to me to be able to provide an augmented product offering to our merchants. As competition continues to increase in this industry, we want to provide the best of breed in not only our superior customer service and support, but also in the hardware that we provide to our merchants. We wanted a product that was going to be as good or better than what we currently have, and Ingenico has not only met our needs, but far exceeded them.”

BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd. is located in Aurora, Ontario, at 155 Edward St Aurora, ON L4G 1W5, Canada. For more information, visit www.bnasmartpayment.com or call toll free 866-324-7585.

Company Name: BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd.
Contact Name: Matt Moore
Phone Number: 866-324-7585
Email Address: johns@hubshout.com
Company Website: www.bnasmartpayment.com



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Pro Tool Warehouse Showcases Products at Two Industry Trade Shows

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Tools online store

Atlanta, GA – November 14, 2013 – October and November were busy months for Pro Tool Warehouse as the company took to the road for two industry trade shows. The WESTEC and PowerGen conventions represented major opportunities for Pro Tool Warehouse to meet and talk with companies from every corner of the manufacturing community.

From October 15-17, the company attended WESTEC at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Andrea Davidson of corporate sales remarked that the convention enjoyed “an amazing turnout.” Sharing details of the company’s visit, she explained, “We discussed wrenches and torque multipliers with many different companies, a lot of them from the West Coast.” WESTEC is known for showcasing the latest innovations from leaders in manufacturing. According to the WESTEC website, “WESTEC is a true manufacturer’s think tank where creativity, vision, and strategy join forces to spotlight the promise of ground-breaking products for vital global markets.”

This month, Pro Tool Warehouse paid a visit to PowerGen in Orlando, FL and met with energy companies to discuss the tool needs of international corporations in that sector. Prior to the convention, scheduled for November 11th through the 14th, Davidson shared the company’s expectations for the event. “There will be more than 20,000 attendees in the energy industries from all over the world, and over 1,400 exhibitors. We already have a couple meetings with international Chambers of Commerce. We look forward to discussing torque wrenches and torque multipliers with lots of people.”

Pro Tool Warehouse’s presence at these trade shows will undoubtedly increase awareness of the company’s brand and draw new business.

Pro Tool Warehouse is located at 1123 Zonolite Road, Suite 3 in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit www.protoolwarehouse.com or call (404) 990-3925.

Company Name: Pro Tool Warehouse
Contact Person: Andrea Davidson
Phone Number: (404)990-3925
Email Address: customerservice@protoolwarehouse.com
Website: www.protoolwarehouse.com



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