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Why Wait for the Evening News When You Can Go Straight to the Sources for Your News?

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You have a few different options when it comes to receiving your news. You can go to the big names, either cable or local, and trust what they tell you. You can go to the smaller names, not for profit organizations, to get what they have. You can go to the news wire services that are private or public corporations. Or, finally, you can look to the non profit, free news release services for their press releases.

The big names in news are all corporations in it for the money. What it boils down to, for them, is not imparting the news, but making a profit. If that means skewing news in a biased and filtered manner in order to cater to the minds of those who will help to make them money, then so be it. For them, it is okay for news to suffer as long as it earns them a buck.

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