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Insurance Fishing Offers Consumer Tips for How to Find Affordable Insurance Quotes Online

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St. Louis, MO – January 29, 2014 – Insurance Fishing, a leading online resource for those looking to find the best rates for local auto, rental and homeowners insurance, is excited to announce the benefits of shopping for insurance rates on the web. The website, which only launched a year ago, believes that offering these important tips can help anyone see the value of simplifying the entire process of looking for insurance rates, which can often be long and difficult on its own.
For starters, Insurance Fishing points out that using a web-based platform to find affordable quotes is efficient for those looking to find agreeable plans but who have to endure busy schedules. With a full-time job or a week cramped with classroom studies, it’s nearly impossible to find time to physically visit an insurance company’s office. That’s why Insurance Fishing offers entirely web-based service, helping connect you to a live insurance agent in your area with just the click of a mouse.
Even if you can get away from work or school and pencil in some time to head over to an insurance office, how long do you really have? Time slots for in-person meetings with agents tend to get filled up quickly, meaning you could be spending a majority of your time in the waiting room instead of the actual office. Insurance Fishing eliminates these kinds of unnecessary wait times, bypassing them entirely in exchange for more web-based direct access to insurance agents near you.
Of course, there’s always the over-the-phone approach. You could call a company, wait to be connected with an agent, then sit on the line and wait for him or her to tell you about some kind of plan you might not necessarily be interesting in purchasing. If you want to hear about more than one option, you may even be met with disdain from the agent who’s likely looking to get you off the line as soon as possible. With Insurance Fishing, however, there’s no rush and no speeding through a plan you’re not comfortable with. That’s the benefits of finding the right insurance all online.
Insurance Fishing services customers in the St. Louis, Kansas City, Orlando, New Orleans and Tulsa areas. For more information, visit the company online at or call (855)534-1811.


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The Fountain of Youth Institute Launches a New Premium Skin Care Program for Palm Harbor Patients

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Palm Harbor, FL– January 2, 2013– The Fountain of Youth Institute in Palm Harbor has launched a premium treatment for facial wrinkles. Named after the Medical Director at the Institute, Dr. Harrell’s Peel is a unique regimen that starts with a pre-conditioning skin treatment, and must be carried out over six weeks through a series of enhancement treatments.

C. Randall Harrell, M.D., Medical Director at the Fountain of Youth Institute, commented on the high efficacy of this product. “We have seen 80 – 90% improvement in wrinkles, acne scars, pores and sun damaged skin. There are so many other options we have from skincare to lasers, but this program works better on aged and scarred skin than anything I have done before, including CO2 laser.”

The Fountain of Youth Institute has worked diligently to refine and improve this product before launch. As a result, the patients can expect dramatic results minus the risks that are commonly associated with laser skin care. One patient was excited to compliment the Institute on Dr. Harrell’s Peel, and called it a “magic wand for wrinkled skin.”

In spite of the busy product launch period, the Fountain of Youth Institute found time to participate in a Dec. 8th wounded warrior softball series for the benefit of wounded veterans. The Tampa Bay Rays, as well as the St. Petersburg fire and police departments, also joined in to support the event. Staff at the Fountain of Youth Institute are proud to support the charitable event and give back after 25 years of support from the community.

The Fountain of Youth Institute is located at 34156 US Hwy 19N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684. For more information, visit or call (727) 781-0818.

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Contact Name: Dave Caban
Phone Number: (727) 781-0818
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